Digital Marketing Platforms Entrepreneurs Love

In the modern digital marketing landscape, there are countless tech tools and platforms you can use to reach your advertising goals. It’s not always easy to choose the best ones, so we asked eight entrepreneurs to weigh in on the following question:

What is your favorite digital platform for advertising and why?

1. Facebook

As a digital marketing expert, I have been using Facebook advertising for my clients’ businesses for several years. I always go back to Facebook because the platform has very granular targeting to find your ideal target market. No other marketing platform allows for such in-depth capabilities as Facebook. Plus, Facebook is constantly making improvements to have a better user experience.

2. LinkedIn

I like Linkedin for B2B advertising because you can customize the ad and make it highly targeted to a buyer persona. What makes Linkedin unique is that you can target the ad to people’s profession instead of simply what they like on Facebook. This helps B2B companies stay top of mind to the executives they are aiming to target.

3. Quora

We have received a high volume of qualified leads through Quora as they tend to be great, top-of-the-funnel leads at a great price. When combined with remarketing through Facebook and Google, it’s a great way to fill the top of the funnel with inexpensive leads, and then push them down the funnel through remarketing.

4. Google AdWords

Google AdWords is ubiquitous. There’s no way to get serious about digital advertising without going through Google AdWords and many of the lessons you learn from running a tight AdWords campaign will serve you well on other digital advertising platforms.

5. The Google Ecosystem

The reporting and attribution integrations make Google’s advertising products second to none. Many platforms don’t play well together for attribution. Google has unified audience targeting across their stack of products from search display to video so you can understand every customer touch-point and apply the different tactics within the platform.

6. ShareASale

Creating an affiliate program on the ShareASale platform has been one of my favorite ways of advertising. Bloggers and content creators can then make a commission from the sale of my products, motivating them to write about my products and recommend them to their readers.

7. Instagram

Instagram has made its way to be the best advertising platform for sales. It’s all about influence and marketing. If you know who your audience is and there is a product/market fit, then Instagram will help you target that audience and increase your engagement, unlike any other platform. The other platforms require huge ad budgets and give you very little in return.

8. Our Blog

Content marketing has a slow, slow burn. Over time though, it can become the most valuable lead gen source out of any of your marketing mix. All of your content pieces from case studies to white papers build up into a snowball of traffic and leads that continues to perform week over week, month over month, year over year. Good content is at every level of a well-crafted marketing funnel.

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